Two Years was the Time To Make Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar in Minecraft

Recently I was thinking How many time would take for Square-Enix Rebuild the entirely Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar in 3D, High Resolution Textures and Extremely High Poly. Midgar is a very rich place Continue reading


Skywind – The Morrowind Mod for Skyrim Now Have a Trailer and Looks Good :)

A team of modders are working to bring the land of Morrowing to the Skyrim Engine. The Mod is yet in very early stages and the Trailer bellow introduce us the region of West Gash of Continue reading

Assassination Classroom

Live-Action of Assassination Classroom for 2015, March 21

The official Twitter account for the new adaptation from the Yusei Matsui’s Manga for Live-Action Assassination Classroom film was announced on Tuesday that the film will open on 2015, March 21.  Continue reading


Fate/Stay Night Saber illustration Gets Sold for US$ 5800

Hellow, yes that is what the title say! In Machi ★ Asobi Vol.13 in Tokushima, Japan, an auction was held for charity and it featured several animes items, but one was Hightlighted! Continue reading


The Game “Myst” have a TV Show in Development From Legendary

One of my favorite games is getting a TV show from the Legendary TV. And looks like Cyan is working with Legendary to bring a new kind of story to fill the Myst Universe. Continue reading


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate CrossOver with Metroid Samus and Taiko no Tatsujin

In Nintendo Direct dedicated to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the producers of the game introduced more features about the game, in addition some special crossover features from other Nintendo games such as Continue reading


Kingdom Hearts 3 Now in Development with Unreal Engine 4

Well guys, what Square-Enix didn’t really say is its last engine “Luminous Engine” was a pain in the … head. One of the great cause of the delay over Final Fantasy XV is “Luminous Engine” but everything has a Continue reading


New Game of Sword Art Online: Lost Song for PS3 and PSVita Happens in ALfheim Online! Watch the First PV!

So after the episode 14 of Sword Art Online 2 the first PV of Sword Art Online’s next game has been finally streamed in a Japanese Event. The player will control Kirito and will fight again HUGE enemies really HUGE. Continue reading


Tetsuya Nomura Drawing Sora of Kingdom Hearts

Today is the release date of Kingodm Hearts HD 2.5 Remix in Japan, so with that Square Enix shared with us a video where Tetsuya Nomura is drawing Sora of Kingdom Hearts. In the video looks like it only takes a couple of minutes to draw sore. However Nomura spent about two weeks on Continue reading


The Amazing Art of the Game: Destiny

Hellow guys, I’m bringing back “The Art of” and today I will post some Wonderful concept arts from the Game Destiny! Enjoy bellow:

Continue reading


The News about Final Fantasy XV is Getting Worse, director addresses fan concerns,”Car Driving” meme and New Gameplay Video

Ok, I like Final Fantasy series and I was very hyped about Final Fantasy XV what was shown in E3 2013. And this year with the new trailer, the game looks very beautiful but… Graphics is not everything. :/ Continue reading


“Tales of Zestiria: Dawn of the Fon Master” Anime Special Preview Video

Bandai Namco Games has released his first PV of the Anime Tales of Zestiria: Dōshi no Yoake (Tales of Zestiria: Dawn of the Fon Master), the anime is a Special that happens in the universe of Tales of Zestiria and will introduce the game characters from a better angle.  Continue reading


New Game From Square-Enix Game is a MOBA “Lord of Vermilion Arena”

Lord of Vermilion Arena, is a new game from Square-Enix in development, the project follow the universe of the Game Lord of Vermilion Continue reading