7 Old “Good” Star Wars PC and Console Games that was (or not) Forgotten

Star Wars always had some amazing good and bad games for PC and Consoles, but in a long time ago without internet age was a pretty hard to find out about some interesting games. Star Wars had several “different” games that you could never know or had forgotten about them. This list bellow is based on some Star Wars Games that today is a little “unknown” (or not) :3 . Continue reading


If Super Marios Bros was made of Toothpicks?

Yo! A japanese, which in twitter have the nick of BBKorii made the start screen of the game Super Mario Bros with 14000 toothpicks and it is an amazing job.🙂 Continue reading


The New “Mevius Final Fantasy” for Smartphones looks like… Final Fantasy

So the new upcoming Final Fantasy, a trully AAA experience RPG game coming for Smartphones Android/iOS known by the name: “Mevius Final Fantasy” is visually looking like a Final Fantasy, we don’t know how the combat system will work but looks like it will be by action-turn, like the old ones. Continue reading


The Game Star Citizen’s New Damage System is Awesome!

If you never heard about, Star Citizen a space simulator with an amazing combats and tradings system, coming for Windows and Linux, “kickstarted” and in high-stage development, by the designer Chris Roberts (the same of Wing Commander series and the game Freelancer). In the last youtube post they introduced the New Damage Model over the spaceships of the game, and it looks really awesome. Give a Look Bellow: Continue reading


When Studio Ghibili Animator Put a Hand on an Alcohol Drink Commercial

Well, when the Yoshiharu Sato, the animator in the Studio Ghibili (who has worked on My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Servic, The Secret World of Arrietty and more) put a hand on a simple Liquor Commercial (Satsuma Shiranami) titled Oyaji no Imo no Kamisama, it become “Magical” and try to touch the deep of your heart. Watch Bellow: Continue reading


New Ghost In The Shell Anime Movie Announced for 2015

So a new Movie Animation of Ghost In The Shell entittled of: “Koukaku Kidoutai: Shin Gekijyou-ban (Ghost in the Shell: New Movie Edition)” is coming in 2015 and will explore the background of the “main character” Major Motoko Kusanagi and Maaya Sakamoto, the seiyuu actress behind Kusanagi will reprise the role and you can watch the  trailer bellow.🙂 Continue reading


The Day that We Can Play Warcraft III inside StarCraft II is Coming!

Honestly talking it is not a surprise for me, yes I knew one day or another it would come with a good quality. A Russian group of “modders” (or a custom map makers) has brought Warcraft III inside the game Starcraft II. And the result is impressive.🙂 Continue reading


Outlast 2 is Already in Devlopment and is Simultaneously Coming On PS4, XBox One and PC

If you enjoy a good terror/survivor game or If you enjoyed the first version of the Indie Survivor Horror game Outlast and you are eager to see what is coming next. Red Barrels CEO, Phillippe Morin said to “bloody-disgusting.com”, “Outlast #1 Continue reading


Someone made Silent Hills P.T. for XBox One in Project Spark

Well, if you never heard about  P.T. a “Preview Teaser” of the next Silent Hills franchise in development by Hideo Kojima and Guilherme del Toro: Continue reading


Two Years was the Time To Make Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar in Minecraft

Recently I was thinking How many time would take for Square-Enix Rebuild the entirely Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar in 3D, High Resolution Textures and Extremely High Poly. Midgar is a very rich place Continue reading


Skywind – The Morrowind Mod for Skyrim Now Have a Trailer and Looks Good :)

A team of modders are working to bring the land of Morrowing to the Skyrim Engine. The Mod is yet in very early stages and the Trailer bellow introduce us the region of West Gash of Continue reading

Assassination Classroom

Live-Action of Assassination Classroom for 2015, March 21

The official Twitter account for the new adaptation from the Yusei Matsui’s Manga for Live-Action Assassination Classroom film was announced on Tuesday that the film will open on 2015, March 21.  Continue reading


Fate/Stay Night Saber illustration Gets Sold for US$ 5800

Hellow, yes that is what the title say! In Machi ★ Asobi Vol.13 in Tokushima, Japan, an auction was held for charity and it featured several animes items, but one was Hightlighted! Continue reading