Two Days Left for “Indie Royale the EVOLVED BUNDLE”

Hellow, Just 2 days left for INDIEROYALE the EVOLVED BUNDLE, and honestly speaking, it is a very nice bundle of GAMES, with awesome games like: “The Path”, “Krater”, “Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory”, “Unmechanical” and “OIO” for the price that you “want”.

Recommended guys. 😉

Tutorial: Isometric Pattern

Hello guys, yesterday I was working here with Isometric View, and I did a Isometric Pattern for Photoshop, so that’s mean, if you want to print an isometric grid or work on it, like a background in your Photoshop, just follow my  little “tutorial” bellow.

  1. Download the Image over the link HERE (it is a .psd Vectored Smart Object).
  2. Open your Continue reading “Tutorial: Isometric Pattern”