Tutorial: Isometric Pattern

Hello guys, yesterday I was working here with Isometric View, and I did a Isometric Pattern for Photoshop, so that’s mean, if you want to print an isometric grid or work on it, like a background in your Photoshop, just follow my  little “tutorial” bellow.

      1. Download the Image over the link HERE (it is a .psd Vectored Smart Object).
      2. Open your Photoshop
      3. Open the downloaded file
      4. Edit -> Define Pattern… Imagem
      5. Name: IsometricPattern or what you think it is better.
      6. File -> New
      7. Fill your Project’s name, choose your Preset and “Ok”

Edit->Fill, Go to “Contents” Use, and choose Pattern choose “IsometricPattern” and “Ok”.


Well, that is all. :), if you want transparence just check the “Preserve Transparece” on the preview step.
And now you can create a new layer and work over it.

That is all, cya. 🙂

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