Indie Mini-Review: Chime

Hellow, today I will “talk” a little about a nice Indie Game called Chimes, if you never heard, read bellow. 🙂


Chime is definitely an excellent indie “tetris” game for XBox Arcade and PC(Steam) , and if you enjoy the style of Lumines, a PSP and PC game Tetris-like with a great focus on the music that works with the gameplay, Chime will certainly not disappoint you. The game’s objective is very simple, the goal is to form rectangles and squares of area larger than 4×4, and thus fill the space provided by the game, the larger the area you pick, plus the sum of combos makes the player has benefits for your final score. The game does a mind trip to the player  while the brain processes the self-style Tetris puzzles. The songs play extremely well with the game, each puzzle-piece that you play does a different effect on the sound track. And a have a nice extra that is the music of the game Portal – Still Alive.


“Chime features a variety of different musical styles and artists. The original release of the game includes five songs, all of which have been donated to the game pro bono by the respective artists.[2] The tracks are “Brazil” by Philip Glass, “Ooh Yeah” by Moby, “For Silence” by Paul Hartnoll of Orbital, “Spilled Cranberries” by Markus Schulz, and “Disco Ghosts” by Fred Deakin of Lemon Jelly.[3] In addition, the later Windows version of Chime featured a new level based on “Still Alive” from the popular 2007 video game Portal. The song, written by Jonathan Coulton, can be heard during the closing credits of Portal, with Ellen McLain singing in character as GLaDOS.[3]

And if you yet didn’t understand the concept of the game, just watch the video bellow.


Final Score: 8.0/10.0

Developer(s) Zoë Mode
Publisher(s) OneBigGame, Easy Tiger, Valcon Games
Platform(s) Xbox 360 (XBLA), Windows
PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Puzzle, music
Mode(s) Single-player
Media/distribution Digital distribution

I recommend it. 🙂

😛 Cya.

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