The Art of The Banner Saga

Have you heard about The Banner Saga? it is a successful kickstarted game and it have a nice looking art.

Kotaku posted a nice news, talking a little about the game, so I want to share a little more of the game’s art.

The Banner Saga is a viking-themed 2D gameplay, turn-based strategy game development by Stoic a trio of indie game developers formerly of BioWare. Every animation are done by the hand of Arnie Jorgensen, who before he helped start Stoic Studio worked at places like Sony and BioWare, where he was a lead concept artist.

The core of the game is to be a single-player campaign of turn-based combat engagements inspired by games such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Shining Force, with the player controlling and being able to build up a party of characters with complementing abilities. According to the developers, their aim is to create a “mature game for adults in the vein of Game of Thrones or The Black Company“. They intend to engage players emotionally by allowing them to build relationships with the game’s characters and shape the outcome of the story through an array of conversation choices.

The game is available in the Steam. And if you’re looking for a good tactical game, I think you will like this one. 😉

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