Devil Survivor 2 Game Becoming Anime



Devil Survivor 2 (デビルサバイバー2), is a role-playing game for the Nintendo DS from the Shin Megami Tensei Series. The game now have a nice-looking anime version that will begin airing in April 2013. The anime is being directed by Kishi Seiji [岸誠二] (Persona 4 The Animation, Carnival Phantasm) with animation production by Bridge [株式会社ブリッジHP] (Mitsudomoe, Valkyria Chronicles 3: Unrecorded Chronicles).ds2

Devil Survivor 2 begins with the protagonist and his friend, Daichi, returning from a mock exam, along with their friend Io. The three of them receive an email on their cellphones from Nicaea, a website that forewarns its users of disasters, or their own death. The email contains a video showing them dying from a freak subway accident. Immediately after, the scene is enacted, but the students survived after being contacted by an avatar from Nicaea. As soon as they enabled the applications on their cellphone, more demons appeared, apparently wanting to kill them. The Protagonist, along with Daichi and Io, defeat the demons and become Devil Summoners, allowing them to summon demons to use to fight along them after fulfilling a contract with them.


If you played the game version it is certainly a must-watch. 🙂

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