If you really want to get a little fun with a web game, a game good enough to you try run it in your smartphone or in your office if you aren’t busy enough, you could try one of this 5 games bellow:

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a really fun game created in 2010 by ZeptoLab, a game dev studio from Russia. Now, the game have a nice web version, if you never played before in your smartphone you could try this one. You can read more about the process itself on the official blog.



Hex GL

HexGL is a Wipeout-like, futuristic racing game created using the Three.js framework on top of WebGL. So if you like “speed”, and want to try something “fast”, you should try this game. 😉



Now, if you are looking for a really nice shooter game. Earlier this year they presented PlayCanvas, a browser-based, visual editor for WebGL games and apps. To prove that their project works, they created a Counter-Strike like, multiplayer third-person shooter, called D.E.M.O. They describe what is going on behind the scenes in this blog post, and they’ve presented the game at this year’s onGameStart conference.



BrowserQuest is a classic, massive multiplayer RPG game with beautiful pixel art graphics, It’s all about exploration.  You can read nore about the project in this blog post.



Created by Lost Decade Games, Onslaught is a fun defend-your-castle-style game that, with its cute, pixelated graphics, harks back to the 8-bit era of gaming. You need to fight off waves of enemies attacking your castle. You can play Onslaught here.

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