Ultimate Review: Bioshock: Infinity


Good morning people. Today I made a very simple Bioshock Infinity Review. 🙂
note: This review HAS NO SPOILER, so because of this many reasons related to positive or negative points of the game may be omitted, OH and SORRY for my english.

Let’s save the princess from the tower

Bioshock Infinite is the third game from the BioShock series, launched on March 26, 2013, he is not exactly a sequel, and not a prequel, but rather something that fits with the Bioshock series as a piece of Lego.


Unlike from the previous Bioshock that happens in Rapture, an underwater city, this happens in very uncommon and different” city, Columbia, “different” because she is an amazing flying city. Our main character Booker DeWittaccept a mission to go to the flying city to find a woman knowledge by Elizabeth”, who is being held captive for the most time of his life.
So here is enough for you who has not yet played the game, and that’s all you need to know about the script that takes more delicate issues, from racism to religious theme. What can I add about the plot is that somehow it is “simpleand “complexat the same time. Being more straight, the screenplay is rich in detail, very well developed and the end of the game is quite satisfactory” will answer almost all your questions and leave open others questions that will lead the players themselves trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle that neither Levine (the “creator” of the game) has  probably thought.
The Story is definitely very fun to follow, but at certain points in the game (from the beginning to middle) has some ado forcing the player to explore” Columbia and even the middle to the end of the game comes a point where the game will keep your attention and will say: you will not stop playing until you finish it.”
With short word I found the main story in general excellent and certainly Levine did a great job and more than that, he launched the game in a perfect time, because games or movies dealing with this kind of theme are missing, besides many details to think about to create a cool storyfor you player. Another detail is the charisma of the characters it is one of the most interesting things of the game and certainly is amazing.

Plot: 9.5/10

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Now let’s talk about another topic that I find the splendor of a new dawn in Bioshock Infinite, sound, music, voice acting, sound effects.
It really is GORGEOUS in all aspects related to audio, do not even know how to analyze it right, because we have a fabulous voice acting in English, where the voice actors just do their right expression emotions in PERFECT, without or with too much salt and too much sugar, just perfect for every occasion I do not mean just the dubbing of Elizabeth, but every characters in the game.
The audio of the game can handle the player’s heart including mystery, action, suspense and even a little of terror.

Audio: 10/10

Deserves it.

Columbia “The (flying) City”

Okay! so far we have a good game, but now let’s talk about the graphics and straightforward it is pretty:
The first 10 minutes of gameplay probably will amaze you, the game is really is beautiful,  it is “magical” and the first question that came to my mind is: “How it all can fly?” That you will discover by yourself.
The game is beautiful. “Endpoint”.
But we have another point to consider, the graphic impact over the “reality” of the game, that sky is beautiful, that statue is beautiful, that flower is beautiful, but it is not a “sky”, and that statue is not of stone, and this flower is not a flower.  Okay the point here is I want to explain is that the material does not correspond to its physical nature of the objects, I do not blame the game, but its engine. Besides  like a FPS, and doing very unfair comparison, In Battlefield 3 I got used to understand the graphics as are their respective materials and speak it a little more forward.
The game has simple graphics, a beautiful art that will make you dream of Columbia, beyond the amazing details in Columbia like children playing, adults talking, walking, and smiling is amazing. Although many characters and situations are repeated as background, it does not hinder the game. The game has a very light  “cartoony gore”, nothing strong enough for you to go bad while you are playing.

Graph: 9.0 / 10


When the graphics cheats our hearts. :/

And here is when I throw stones in the game. : (
Yes, the gameplay of Bioshock is AWFUL. I had a bad experience with the gameplay on the PC version, since when I left that boat and went to Columbia. The first time I touched the mouse felt the first big problem “Let’s fix the damn mouse sensibility”, it seems that the game was ported from consoles in terms of gameplay, but I was with a great problem to adjust the mouse sensitivity and luckily I’m not the only one and I found a really nice tweak that’s a good solution to the biggest problems of the game:
BioShock Infinite: A Few Essential Tweaks
This link will help you to destroy some of the greatest villains of Bioshock:
-Disable the thousand advertisements “2K, Irrational, UE3, AMD.” Yes! Everytime you start the game you would have to watch the opening of five logos screen. Open the game can be your worst nightmare.
-Horrible mouse Sensibility, will not be perfect, but it will get better, so if you also had this problem.
-And a few others that I’d rather not talk about. 🙂
“Ok! But beyond that, where the gameplay is horrible?”
One thing caught my attention on IGN when it launched the first review was to highlight that the console version had a 9.4 and the PC version had 9.5 and the reason was related to gameplay, and I admit that the PC is actually easier to exchange skills without having to pause the game. So just because of that it worth 0.1 of difference?
And today doing this review, I see the situation is not that simples, using in PC version the abilities and your plasmid, really is easier and pratical, but the mouse gameplay makes it a little difficult then honestly this 0.1 of difference fits well.
The gameplay / game system itself, I think it is very “buggy”, I went through ridiculous situations with problems in general, since loss of save (there is only ONE SAVE! THAT IS AN AUTO-SAVE), IA problems and a thousand other bugs that the game hit me in the face (too strong by the way).
Started by gunfire and blasts through walls, “you player is WELL hidden, but the enemy WILL see it, will shoot and sometimes it will hits YOU” for more that has a wall of lead between you and the enemy.
As mentioned before, a wooden box isn’t a wooden box, it will be an obstacle, in which you’ll have to jump on to pass, and the same will happen with: bananas, apples, watermelon, cardboard and newspaper. Often an apple might end up being your biggest obstacle in the game (A little exaggeration of mine).

Changing the subject inside of gameplay and talking more about AI. In the first Bioshock, my experience with the AI was great, it was beautiful, the game amazed me, the creatures flee or attack and position themselves in the dynamic places, it was perfect, but in Bioshock Infinity the situation is exactly opposite . The AI ​​is terrible!
When I started the game on hard, I died too many times until 1/4 of the game, especially for the Handyman “robotic creatures with giant hands,” and when I tried to be a little stealth, some monsters saw me behind the wall, I was thinking the game was really “hard”, but then when you start to think about “he saw me behind the Wall”, then the AI ​​may not have received a good treatment, let’s test it! And that’s where the world falls down, in fact they are dumb, and everything that was difficult become relatively easy, so I stop dying and started to kill enemies that are supposed to be “difficult “fairly easy but painful, because in many instances may lack bullets and opponents are tough, because they have too many hit points, but do not worry about it, you might not die, but will lose a good time shooting and getting bullets from where the sun do not shine.
And to speak a bit of Elizabeth’s AI, she is relatively simple, when you go into battle, her collision will be disabled, so it will never slow you down, which is GREAT, besides, once in a while she’ll “Find” plasmid, bullets and medikits and throws it to you and you’ll be happy. So besides she is charismatic, also definitely a great “friend”.

Life, Plasmid and Shield

I prefer to call the blue bar of Plasmid, this bar is responsible for his “PLASMID POWERS”, the bigger your blue bar is, more “PLASMID POWERS” you have. These “PLASMID POWERS” tonics are, what you find in the course of the game that gives you skills quite fun, like some already found in Bioshock, yet are definitely better and more interesting. The red bar is the Life, Your HP and if it ends, you die.
And finally the yellow bar, the Shield, aka “Life Regen” disguised, but nothing against it because it worked very well.


Nothing is more disappointing than this way of “death” from the Bioshock series, you dies and wake up right there with some bullets and “plasmid” ready to attack again. Your life is not worth anything, you have not to fear, because if you die, you will be born right there, then all those amazing efforts on the sound and graphics that sometimes try to makes you in “FEAR” of death, goes down (at least on hard ).

Kill, kill more.

Ok, some points in the early game and in the middle, gets too repetitive and yout motivation to continue can sometimes fall. And some timesthe story may gets interesting or your “plasmids” which will excite you to offer the opportunity to try to use different attacks to see what happens, but the reality is that the game will be quite to wrap unnecessarily and extend the game to 10hours of gameplay instead of 5hours to make it worth your money.


One more time making a comparison with the first Bioshock, this is another point that I somehow disappointed” me, Bioshock Infinity, despite it has some VERY cool enemies like the Patriot, one of the best random generic enemies I’ve ever seen, and then the crowsAWESOME! But bad applied When I saw these crows” attacking me I was so excited and I killed so easy and stupid” that was sad.
In fact the game has few generic enemies, in general they are not really “cool” , and yet they are buggy and sometimes disappoint a lot. Oh and have that Handyman, that could be cool, but this is the most buggy of all, as I said before I died too many times at the early game for him and I thought he was amazing”, not because it is difficult, but the difficulty was fit with the character, but then you notice that it is buggy and dumb as a frog, it becomes disappointing. While in Bioshock 1 we have a range of rich and intelligent deformed beings.
Enough. I prefer not to talk more about the villains to avoid spoilers.


The Exploration

I honestly hate how the exploration is being developed lately and they are all the same as in Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3, and even the new Devil May Cry, which although is not an open world. All you have to do is follow the damn little arrow! And if I do not follow what happens to me? You can find more monsters, chests, drawers, closets with generic items like plasmid, medikits or tonics to enhance your Shield (aka regen life bar), Life or Plasmid. BUT CALM DOWN! In Bioshock Infinite it can even be a little rewarding, it may provide a few more details regarding the plot to find audio recordings or details over the scenery like glibberish over the wall, that’s cool! You can find some equipment” that will give you some special cool “bonus“.
And one more thing that arrow sux” there are times that “arrows” may make you go on circles.

Gameplay: 6.0/10


This game is definitively good, but in my humble opinion it is actually one of the most hipped games of the century, but perhaps the big hipe is more because of the story, art and audio that perfectly convey the game’s message. There are games better than Bioshock? If we talk about games like GAMES, of course yes. Bioshock infinite changed the history of video games? Definitely not, but their interpretation of plot certainly will turn focus of comparisons with several works of movies, books and more games that will come in the future. But if you have trouble with a FPS, you may have even more problems with Bioshock, but everything can be redeemed with the story, graphics and sound.

Final Rating: 8.5

Have fun, I recommend this game. I say more, try play before you accidentally pick any spoiler.

One thought on “Ultimate Review: Bioshock: Infinity

  1. The gameplay of BioShock Infinite is definitely its weakest aspect. Now granted, I’m not the greatest player of all time, but I had to play it on Easy because it was so frustrating.

    Have you played the Burial At Sea DLC? It really really REALLY improves upon the gameplay, not to mention ties up the series storyline nicely.

    BioShock is one of the greats, and a prime example of video games as literature.

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