First Impression: Soul Sacrifice ソウル・サクリファイス (PSVita)

Hellow, yesterday I was playing the new game of the Marvelous AQL, and wow, the game is really fun. 🙂

First talking about the gameplay it is really good, and the character building is really fun, have a lot of “abilities” (sacrifices), “items” and other interesting things more. The game is played in the third-person, the main character (totally customizable) is a sorcerer, this customization is really interesting, allowing players to have roles like tank, ranged caster or meele, the game run over arenas, just like Monster Hunter. The multiplayer is one of the most fun things of the game, making the team work essential and useful.

Another thing fun is the plot, that is told for the player through a talking-book.

The main protagonist of Soul Sacrifice is the slave that serves a powerful and cruel sorcerer. Just before the protagonist is going to be sacrificed, a demon in the form of a book appears before him. The book is a collection of stories that describe past fights between monsters and the powerful sorcerer. The player character is able to enter the book’s world and experience the fights, thereby gaining experience and power.

The art of the game just remember me a little of Nier with Dark Souls.

Well that is all, later I will try do a simple review. 🙂

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