Good News! When My Cat Fall and new Tutorials!


Hellow Guys, two news for you. the first one is:  I have published a new free game for android with the name of “When My Cat Fall” and if you have any device Android you can check it now HERE and enjoy this simple cat falling down till the end of eternity. 😉


The second news is: Next week I will start publishing a new game tutorial, this time we are gonna develop a new game in Air, ActionScript 3. In true, I will be using Flash CS 6 to elaborate this new “game” tutorial. Why a tutorial in Actionscript? because I wanted to start develop a new and fast tutorial on how to publish a game to android, and well, Actionscript is an easy and simple language to do that, of course it have some inconvenient, but it is a lot easy to publish in android or iOS with Actionscript and the propose of the tutorial is to reach till the “publish part”, and I hope you guys enjoy it. Oh and about the game we are gonna develop, will be a simple top-down shooter.

Cya. 🙂

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