The new game from Bioware “Shadow Realms” is a new Role-Playing Game that was influenced by old-school pen-and-paper games and will feature a online and dynamic four-player co-op against a single playable enemy who controls “everything in the game”, in other words “The GameMaster”. The Four Players create your “characters” with the usual classes and follow a dungeon killing monsters while a fifth player, the Shadowlord try stop them controlling creature, creating traps and a lot more, something like “Dungeons Keepers” point of view.

shadow realms announcement

The Game visuals looks like the game “The Secret World”, where the players are finding themselves amongst the supernatural and the modern-day wizards and knights.

Bioware promise a continuously updated story that ensures no two trips into the “Realm” will ever be the same. The game will be released for PC in late of 2015.

My opinion: it is an amazing game, I want to see and play it, but it will be not like you may be thinking about, one GameMaster guiding a player with a story or something like this, to be more specific, have two “old” games that cames to my mind with that possibilities to really roleplay and be the master of a game: “Vampire: The Masquerade” and Neverwinter Nights. And definitely it will be not like that, and  really more like a “Dungeons Keeper” like I said before, where one player set the traps, and others four players come destroying everything.

Well see the Gameplay trailer bellow and enjoy:

more gameplay from IGN:


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