Hellow guys, well, this is not an advertisement for the gog website, but a series of posts that I’ll be doing sometimes featuring any game or mod, which is old or not, but we feel some influences in new games today. I will not be doing a very complex review of the game, but the intention is to introduce these games to all players who have never heard or played before.
Despite this post be the first and be the number “1”, coincidentally the game that I will be introducing today is one of the most brilliant titles ever created, is an adventure and puzzle game, where to understand the story and the heart of the game itself is necessary explore the background and enjoy the beautiful and amazing environments (magically, beautifully artistic and formidable).
Although this game is a bit old, when I was a kid, I played it a lot, and recently I went back to give a new opportunity for it. And, it was an incredible experience.



Myst isn’t a simple game, it is a unique adventure, a puzzle click’n play developed by Cyan, its development began in 1991 and was released for Mac OS on 24 September 1993 with ports and remakes for Sega Saturn , Windows, Jaguar, 3DO, PSP, NDS, iOS and logo for 3DS. At the time the game was a Best Seller that was surpassed by The Sims in 2002.


Myst brings a “different” environment, a surreal universe with books that have the property to teleport the “user” to different “Eras”, the name given to other locations on the island of Myst, the focus of the game ends up being their exploration and understand what is going on with all that, what is this world, and what happened to it. Each book and manuscripts that the player encounters provide important details about the story of Myst and it’s plot. The game will be constantly offering alternatives to the player and moments in which it is necessary to judge what is right and what is not right.


Another fabulous feature in Myst is the richness in the details of the world, the scenarios are always amazing the player, which will always have some “surprise”, and the puzzles are very clever, sometimes a puzzle  will make you think “Wow so it was this way! Amazing!”. The player will feel honored by solving a puzzle and feel truly rewarded.

The Myst surround sound is simply “perfect” always reflecting each scenario we navigate this incredible universe.


Myst has four more sequels up to Myst V, excluding Uru: Beyond the Myst, an ex-Multiplayer Myst just as brilliant and beautiful as the original that further explores this incredible universe.
Unfortunately today the current gaming industry avoids develop game like Myst today, however the creators of Myst and Riven is working on a new Game, that looks a lot like Myst, called Obduction, they already successfully kickstarted, so let”s see what is coming.
For those who have never experienced this masterpiece, my recommendation is not  to player only Myst, but the entire series. Today Myst has four versions especially in Computers: Myst, Myst Masterpiece Edition (with mildly improved graphics), realMyst (a 3D version of the game and different gameplay like a FPS, with the possibility of moving the vision with the mouse and move the keyboard) and realMyst: Master Piece Edition although the realMyst: Master Piece Edition is a bit different from the original, it keeps all the great properties of the game and I believe that anyone who hasn’t played yet any Myst, will fit better with realMyst: Masterpiece Edition.


Myst can be found in gog (www.gog.com) and in Steam HERE.

Homer Simpsons find the library of Myst.

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