Like a fan of Gabriel Knight, I couldn’t let this new get away, the first game now is being totally remake with the name “Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers 20th Anniversary Edition“, with great changes. The bad news is, now the game is 3D 😦 (before was pixels), the good news is: it’s looking pretty good IMO. Another bad news is, the original all the voices have been redone, the good news is: it’s looking good. 🙂


If you never heard of Gabriel Knight:


Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father, is the first game in the series introduces Gabriel Knight, a financially struggling horror novelist based in New Orleans. Gabriel is following a series of homicides, dubbed “The Voodoo Murders” for their apparent voodoo overtones hoping to use the police investigation, led by Detective Mosely, as the basis of a new novel. However, as he draws deeper into the investigation, and his shop assistant Grace Nakimura performs historical research for him, Gabriel links the murder spree both to New Orleans’ voodoo past and towards the beautiful and mysterious New Orleans socialite, Malia Gedde.



Well watch yourself the trailer! 😉


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