Hellow guys, I really enjoy a good  first person horror game, and this one, I’m anxious to give a try.

The Hum has a different purpose, instead of running against ghosts or monsters, in The Hum you shall run from Extraterrestrial Creatures, and the graphics looks pretty good and have a nice mood for the game.


The Hum is a horror game that puts the player in the aftermath of a sudden alien invasion. The player will have to find not only a way to survive by providing his own basic needs, but also will have to unravel and increasingly involve himself in the mystery behind this nightmare. His own perception of reality will have to evolve while he experiences an important transformation.

The game may have some interesting mechanics that would look very interesting such as Survival Mechanics, World Interaction, Illusions and others. Another thing that is making The Hum more immersive is the support to Occulus Rift VR.


In my opinion The Hum is a promising game, having aliens and terror together is an incredible mix underexplored before.


Kickstart link is HERE! Check it!

4 thoughts on “Kickstarter Game of the Week: The Hum

  1. You should check out uncrowned skies on kickstarter! It’s quirky but looks like it has a lot of potential

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