Good Old Games#2 – Ultima Online: “Second Age”

Hellow guys, following my series “Good Old Game#MagicNumberHere”. And if you want, you can read the Good Old Games#1 HERE!

Today I will “talk” about a really amazing game that consumed a lot of time of my life. :3 And probably the BEST (or maybe the second BEST) MMORPG ever released in the Humanity Story. Continue reading “Good Old Games#2 – Ultima Online: “Second Age””

The Old Game from NES “Shadowgate” Remake is now on Steam!!

A fabulous old game called “Shadowgate”┬áreleased for the first time in 1987, a point-and-click adventure, originally was made for Apple Macintosh and so it was also ported to others computers and videogames. 1989 Continue reading “The Old Game from NES “Shadowgate” Remake is now on Steam!!”