Hellow Guys, the “Kickstarter Game of the Week” this week is “Uncrowned Skies“, the game looks very interesting in story concept, in the universe and the gameplay itself.


Uncrowned Skies is an adventure game set in the trinary star system of Trestella. The player must work to unite the varied and diverse cultures of Trestella against the Diarchy, the local galactic superpower looking to annex Trestella, and by doing so, suffocate its unique cultures. The cultures of Trestella can largely be grouped into three societies – the poor miners and laborers of the Tahanan system, set to mine heavy metals from their own sun; the space Vikings of Kjarna, seeking to recreate a culture long-past and barely remembered; and the urbanites of the Rodza system, from urban organ harvesters to bankers and businessmen alike. Samson is recruited by the resistance movement, the Trest, and tasked with uniting the leaders of these civilizations under one banner to defend against the approaching annexation. Due to a weapons embargo imposed by the Diarchy, the Trest has been forced to largely improvise weapons. Samson wields a weaponized toaster that has been granted intelligence and, unfortunately, a personality. He calls himself Chester, and doesn’t get along well with others. Armed with only an appliance, Samson faces both an overwhelming invasion force as well as his own neighbors, who are not easily satisfied. But he will fight.



Some features introduced looks very awesome, like the idea of a Huge Futuristic World with different architecture, culture and inhabitants. The diversity of characters and the artworks looks amazing and the idea of a dynamic rpg system, which every conversation you will change something about the world.


Honestly I didn’t like too much about the idea of fighting with a toaster, but the universe in Uncrowned Skies looks really awesome and certainly it is a promising game.

Look MORE in the kickstarter project yourself HERE!


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