Today a great surprise from Nintendo! yes, a new 3DS and yes it have a second Analog Stick.

So What you must know about the new 3DS?

Today August 29, 2014 via Nintendo Direct, the New 3DS has been announced with a number of new features and innovations:

  • The New 3DS’s name is New 3DS
  • A New and Small Analog Control Stick (above the right-hand face buttons) 3dsnew1
  • MORE Computing Power (new and powerful internal hardware) and better download/content loading speed. 3dsnew14
  • Two new Buttons (incorporates third and fourth back trigger buttons, the ZR and ZL buttons) 3dsnew2
  • Amiibo Integration (equipped with a NFC reader/writer in its bottom screen, which means players can put Amiibo toys directly on the portable to have the New 3DS read them)3dsnew6
  • Changeable Cover Plates 3dsnew7
  • Will be available in both sizes: Standard and XL 3dsnew3
  • Wider and improved 3D viewing angle (enabling players to continue to see the 3D effect even if viewed from an angle)3dsnew5
  • Powerful hardware that mean the new 3DS will have exclusive games that the old 3DS cannot run? YES
  • New function “The Screen can automatically adjust Brightness depending on the lighting (better battery life)3dsnew10
  • Uses the portable camera and Gyro sensors to track the player’s face new3ds11
  • Will allow to use a Micro SD card, which is located under the portable’s covering 3dsnew12
  • Will be available in 2014/10/11 in Japan The New Nintendo 3DS priced at 16,000 yen ($154) and New Nintendo 3DS XL is priced at 18,800 yen ($181). Nothing was said about bring the console to Ocident.3dsnew15





GG Nintendo 😉

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