If you are a fan of JRPG and you enjoy to play games in PC, this can be a good news. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD maybe is coming to PC…

Hajime Tabata wouldn’t confirm anything definitive, he did tell GameSpot that it’s “up for discussion.


His words was:

“First and foremost, with the Vita version, we wanted to quickly release the PS4 and Xbox One HD version overseas, so we really prioritized optimizing it for those platforms. In terms of the PC version, it’s still up for discussion. It is a possibility, but it’s up for discussion. And it’s running it on the PC right now, so…”

And it’s running it on the PC right now, so

Ok, I think there is a great possibility of the game is coming to PC, so let’s wait and see. 😉


You may read the entire Gamespot’s interview HERE. The source of this post. 😉

Watch the PSP trailer  from IGN bellow:

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