Good Old Games#3 – Fallout 1

Hellow! Here we are with Good Old Games Number 3, the idea of this review are destined and intended primarily for readers who have never played this game, and introduce this game, but of course, if you already played and want to remember some of that Good Old Game, you are also super welcome. 😉 Continue reading “Good Old Games#3 – Fallout 1”

Grabbing Anime Breasts in VR Game with Occulus Rift ;)

Occulus Rift is becoming each day more interesting and of course the day we was waiting has come. Kotaku has publishes a post about a video from NicoNico Douga user Ryuto that introduces a tech demo for an arduino-controlled breast touching simulator. The receipt is an Arduino control  board installed inside a mousepad with boobs on it and a Occulus rift in other words, a perfect mix combo to Continue reading “Grabbing Anime Breasts in VR Game with Occulus Rift ;)”