This week I will introduce here a very charming role-playing adventure game in Kickstarter “Phoenix Dawn“.


This screenshot remember me Dune. šŸ™‚

From what is shown in the Kickstarter Project’s page the game looks for me very promisingĀ and interesting. The project already have 3 years of development and it have beautiful graphics. šŸ˜‰

Phoenix Dawn is a role-playing adventure game set in a world filled with magic and mystery. You play the character of Phoenix – a young girl with extraordinary abilities. Ā Her story will take you on an emotional journey about anĀ unspeakable evil tearing her world a part. Ā Armed with only a wand and a limited knowledge of how to use her powers – she sets off on a journey that will take her far from home. An adventure that will forever change the youngĀ sorceress and her companions.


The game have a ton of interesting features, such as exploration, rich storyline, the spell system and some more.

Phoenix Dawn works with art style of Low Poly, with low quality and simple 3D Models. Personally I don’t mind how simple is the graphics, the most important is how it will reach the player’s heart. And Phoenix Down looks beautiful enough for me.


Depending from the stretch goal the game will be released to: Mac, PC, Android, Windows Mobile and OUYA. It is a nice project and I recommend it, give a BETTER LOOK in the official Kickstarter project Link HERE!!!

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