If you love XBox One, but you don’t have time to play because you don’t stay in home, maybe you should buy one XBOOK ONE.


Eddie Zarick made a portable version of the console, with a monitorscreen annexed and the result is a “Xbox OneLaptop”, very good in my opinion. 🙂

He gave the name of “Xbook One”, this “Laptop” have everything that the normal XBox One have. The only difference is in the LCD 22′ like you can see in the image bellow.


The price? US$ 1495 for a XBook One 500GB and a Kinect; or US$ 1095 without the Kinect, if you add 50$ it will come with a HDMI output and more US 75$ shipping inside USA.


Anyway if you enjoyed this version of the XBox One, go to THIS LINK HERE and read more about the project and how to purchase one. 😉

Watch the video bellow where Eddie Zarick is introducing the “device”. 😉

via: EdsJunk

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