Hellow guys, like I said before, recently I think there is so many Survivor Horror games popping up, from everywhere and I think the genre is getting a little overloaded, but it is a good genre and personally I enjoy this.


This week the Greenlight Game is a First Person Survival Horror, the name is “Alyssa“, is a indie game and it’s look pretty amazing, the atmosphere of the game looks “disturbing” on a good sense, the lightning effects, the particle, the grain filter… Everything looks incredible.


The plot of the game:

You play the role of Drew Barnes, who after an accident near Kirkdale Road, England, stumbles toward a seemingly abandoned house in search of help. Discover the horrible secrets that lie behind these walls and bring to light the disappearance of Alyssa Morgan, the girl missing from the house for over six years… quoted from Greenlight Steam Page

So, if you enjoy Survivor games, maybe you should give a look on the link of the Greenlight page HERE and there is also a indiegogo page, so if you wanna give some help to developers HERE is the link.

Watch a in-game trailer bellow:



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