Final Fantasy XV’s demo will offer a ton of content for the pleasure of the player with approximately 3-4 hours if you play driving the car, but if you decide to walk it will take a lot more time, according to Square-Enix

During a recent Live Stream, the demo is set in Duscae region, and you can find at least one dungeon to explore and you can walk and go everywhere, but if you don’t care about explore, the whole thing can be finished in about an hour.


The demo won’t introduce any boss fights, but will have a rideable Chocobo included.

Just remembering the Game was being directed by Tetsuya Nomura, and last week we learned that he is out of the project and now all his efforts are on Kingdom Hearts 3. Hajime Tabata takes his place in Final Fantasy XV, he directed previously Crisis Core and Type-0.


via.: Gamespot

You can watch the Combat Gameplay Demo of TGS 2014 from the channel CommunityGame bellow:

Access to the Final Fantasy XV Demo will be included with Final Fantasy Type-0. So if you want to play the demo, you purchase and wait for Type-0.


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