The Chaos Ring series looks is getting really better and this time Square-enix has released a new video of the Chaos Ring III highlighting the Cutscenes and the main theme of the game, watch bellow:

Chaos Rings takes place in a mysterious fictional location known as the Ark Arena that holds many dungeons. Characters begin the game by being automatically transported to the arena with no clear idea of how or why they have arrived there. Dungeons of the Ark Arena consist of mixed indoor and outdoor environments with mid-dungeon and ending boss battles. Characters have the ability to enter and leave dungeons as they please. When not in dungeon-play, characters return to a “home” area, where health points and magic points are instantly recovered.

The game is coming for PSVita and Smartphones in October 16, 2015. 😉


Oh, and if you didn’t watch the TGS Trailer, give a look bellow:


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