Well, if you never heard about  P.T. a “Preview Teaser” of the next Silent Hills franchise in development by Hideo Kojima and Guilherme del Toro:


P.T. is a free interactive teaser, exclusive to PlayStation 4. Originally proclaimed to be a new I.P. created by “7780s Studios”, completing the teaser reveals the truth; that the studio is fake, and the initials in the title spell “Playable Teaser”. P.T. is ultimately revealed to be a teaser of the upcoming Silent Hills. It is not formally a Silent Hill game, though it is connected to the series. quoted from Silent Hill Wiki

The P.T. is only available for Playstation 4 owners, so now, someone made a parody version for XBox One called R.T., the game was made inside of the “Game” Project Spark you can watch bellow the R.T starring “Nicolas Cage”. O_o

Project Spark is something like a nice interesting gamemaker with a great set of tools for the to develop your own “Game” so the player is free to create almost anything.

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