So the new upcoming Final Fantasy, a trully AAA experience RPG game coming for Smartphones Android/iOS known by the name: “Mevius Final Fantasy” is visually looking like a Final Fantasy, we don’t know how the combat system will work but looks like it will be by action-turn, like the old ones.



The game’s theme is the question “What is the mean of be born?”, well, yes, the game looks like to abort some philosofical questions. The world design is on the hand of the same team of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X. Yoshinori Kitase (the head of development for Mevius Final Fantasy) said that the game would not be a remake of the earlier Final Fantasies but will bear some sort of relevance to them.0wyffmevius02

Despite of the macho clothes of the “main character”, watch bellow the “First Look Trailer” on IGN Youtube Channel:


There is no release date yet and more details about the game is coming in Famitsu 2015/03/12. 😉

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