Of course Uncharted 4 is an amazing game, with fantastic graphics and much more, but it “lacks” something that makes the game just between “good” and “not so good”.


So to start talking about Uncharted I will start straight to the point, don’t get angry if you enjoyed the game, try to read everything before. 🙂

There have a little of “gameplay spoiler bellow”:

Don't get me wrong, the game really have stunishing graphics.
Don’t get me wrong, the game really have stunishing graphics.

“So I’m driving my little boat through some amazing Islands looking for some clue about the treasure of the infamous pirate Henry Avery, and of course I’m with my “new” brother. So I find a tower in one of this islands and I go there to check if there have some treasure for me, in my way there have no villains, no monsters, no evil creature from darkness; just water, sand and stones. After some parkour I reach the top of the tower to finds out a stone at the side of my boat. In this stone have an arrow point a random direction to another Island. So I back to my boat with my brother and we both follow the fuckin arrow. After follow this direction I find another stone with another arrow, so I keep following arrows and more arrows till I reach a cave. After more parkours and a very stupid puzzle I make some statues come from the ground and at last I see through a “hole” in the wall a statue pop up from the ground in another island (where I was before), the great statue of Henry Avery, so let’s back to there. So after more boat driving, parkours, stone sand and water I reached the top of statue, which have a great telescope on it, which I can peek and see my next destination, another Island… And so far no treasure yet. HOWEVER this time we will have some new ‘friends’, some ‘bad friends’ looking to kill us.”

No more spoiler bellow. 🙂

So mostly of the game is about to look for a treasure. You will find some tips where you think the treasure will be, but when you reach this place you can’t find any treasure, just more tips to your next direction. This repeat many and many times. The story is just too hallow (however with some nice dialogues) when you think about it. This game have too much of what I call of Dungeonification, to make the game take longer than 10 hours to beat it.

However, the game have some amazing places to go and some of this places are big enough to give you opportunity to explore it with your powerful parkour, that places are full of fantastic graphical and animation details that makes pretty impressive, but it lacks of “life” what I mean with life, is that lacks of another kind of challenge to the player, your only motivation to explore the environment around you is to find little treasures to unlock new Trophies, what in my humble opinion is a little bit stupid. :/ The game just follow a simple stupid formula: “walk, parkour, walk, stupid puzzle , more parkour, shoot and hide, shoot and go” <– loop it to about 20 chapters. Ok, the vehicles even try to broken a little this rule. However the game could have some indirect Boss fights to make it a little more diverse or even to add some really different kind of enemies, even evil tigers wanting to eat you, snakes or bears. All the time you will just have to kill some stupid soldiers.

Look that stones! guys, that are the best rolling stone in the world, no?
Look that stones! guys, that are the best rolling stones in the world, no?

Now let me talk about some good things before I start to talk about some bad things again. The game really have an amazing graphics and details, like when I step in the snow and it spreads through the rocks, I think this is the best snow I have seen before. The stones rolling when I’m with the car in the cliffs, everything have so much details. Another thing that I really enjoyed in Uncharted 4 is the gameplay. Everything answer so well with a perfect time of animation with drake doing something that I asked him to do. I just can’t point out anything negative about graphics, gameplay and animation.

Another thing that is very good in this game, are the dialogues. Mostly of the time you play this game with some NPC at your side and the dialogue between drake and this “NPC(s)” are very nice to listen.

Don't know what to do? wait and press up. :3
Don’t know what to do? wait and press up. :3

The last thing that I want to complain about, it is not really THAT BAD, it even could be helpful for some people, but the game really treat you like an idiot most of the time. All the puzzles are already really easy to figure out, but if you start to lose too much time on it, the game just ask you: “Please press up arrow, so I can tell you how to proceed, just do it as**ole because you are being too slow“. It is not only in the puzzle, just any part in the game, if you get loss, after some time you can just press up and your way will be “clear”.

I won’t talk much about the multiplayer itself, it have the game’s gameplay and animation. Mostly of the maps are really well made, so in overall it is very fun.

Comparing this Uncharted 4 with the others, this one probably is the best so if you really enjoyed the other you will certainly love this one.

So to finish this text, the game is good, but not like the hype makes it looks like. There haven’t any “surprise element”, every place you go, you know what you must to do and what you can find there, mostly of the enemy you fight you know how you will beat it. So if you want to play a game with amazing graphics, pretty details, perfect gameplay, easy, some good fun, action and nice/stupid jokes. This is your game.

Final Overall: 7.5/10 🙂 . The game is good, but sometime I just got tired of following tips to a treasure thinking that is the end. 🙂 

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