So finally in episode 67 the anime Dragon Ball Z Super (still on air in Japan)  have come to a conclusion to the Terrible Evil Cruel Powerful villain Zamatsu.

The Terrible Goku Black

If you didn’t know yet, but somehow care about. Dragon Ball Z Super is the continuation of the Dragon Ball Z anime series that is on air in Japan since July 2015, so if you calculate one episode per week, it gives us about 68 episodes today less the Olympic game week (that is too important to stream Dragon Ball Z Super) it is exactly 67 episodes. Future Trunks Arc began in the episode 47, so yes, it took 20 episodes to the end of the arc.

From now bellow have some spoilers be careful. 🙂


If you never heard about Future Trunks Arc. Everything started with the future trunks return from the future to ask help to Goku and Vegita to defeat an evil enemy called “Black Goku”, also a villain known as Zamatsu, a kind of Kaioshin that stole Goku body (to become Super Sayajin Pink) and be the strongest creature of the universe.

For now bellow have some more stronger spoilers be more careful. 🙂

The Powerful Universe God Zen-Oh

So basically yes, it is just one more strong enemy for Goku and Friends. However, this one is strong enough to be undefeatable (I think this word doesn’t exist), he is not only strong, but also immortal and so Goku and friend lost all battles against him. Just at the end of episode 67 this finally came to a “happy conclusion”, but not so directly from the hands of Goku and friends, since the opponent was really brokenly overpower. Goku had a device gave by Zen-Oh (a powerful universe God that in present time asked for Goku to play with him and Goku answered “I can’t play, but next time I back here I will bring you a friend, so you can play with him. So Zen-Oh happily accepted this) that allows him to conjure him from any place pushing a button. So when Zamatsu became a “universe-like creature” Goku pushed this button, so (Future) Zen-Oh appeared and doesn’t like what Zamatsu did, so he destroyed the entire Future Trunks’s universe.

Zamasu gotta hell stronger since his first appearance

Yep, exactly, the universe of future trunks was totally destroyed, but don’t worry, Goku and friends + Future Trunks and his girlfriend went in the Time Machine and returned to the present time of Goku before Zen-Oh’s universe destruction. So everything went very well, in truly better than expected, since the Goku and Trunks returned with the time machine to the destroyed universe and picked the poor Zen-Oh floating around all alone in that destroyed universe and took him to the present. So this way Goku has found a friend to the present time Zen-Oh. Well, yes Future Zen-Oh is now a very good friend of Present Zen-Oh. So and Future Trunks? Well, it is a long story, but a new universe was created when the Zen-Oh was destroyed in the present time by the God of Destruction Bills, Trunks and his girlfriend traveled in the time machine to this new universe. The problem is that having another Trunks living there, so basically Future Trunks and Future Mai would have to coexist with another Trunks and Mai in the new universe, but everything went more than fine. Everyone happy and no more Zamasu.

So the next arc is about…

So like I mention before, looks like the anime still goes on, however a new villain so powerful like Zamasu again will be hard to happen. Before the Future Trunks Arc was mentioned about a new fight tournament evolving the strongest characters from the entire Dragon Ball Z Multiverse, it could be happening soon, however in the next arc was confirmed by V-Jump that in December 18th a new arc that will focus on an assassin, who comes to Universe 7 (the same of Goku) to kill Goku. The Magazine also introduces a new visual to Goku.


The issue reveals the upcoming episodes prior to the start of the new story arc.

November 27: “Come Forth, Shenlong! Whose Wish Shall Be Granted?!”
December 4: “Goku vs Arale! The Earth Comes to an End Due to their Battle?”
December 11: “Challenge from Champa! Let’s fight in baseball!”
December 18: “Goku dies! Assassination order that must be performed.”

So if you are following Dragon Ball Super since the Tournament Arc, you probably noticed in the background an image of Hit (HITTO) a character that is a killer from the Universe 6, that already fought against Goku before, probably he is coming back in the next arc. Well cya.

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