First of all, I will not be talking a single word about “Ultimate Mega Ultra Platinum Gold Collector Edition Bundles” of any game. Just about the normal physical game box.

Well, honestly, there is nothing new here, in this video-game generation most of the physical games have ignored the existence of a manual in the box. It is not the exclusivity of Final Fantasy XV and that is sad :(.FFXV.jpg
Truly speaking, FFXV box comes with more thing inside the normal box than most of the other games from this generation (if we are talking about the day-one edition) that came with the Masamune CD-Key. That means it comes with about 3 pieces of papers plus the Blu-ray inside the box (What amazing!).

Oh, but aways was like this! no?
Oh no… my innocent children… A long time ago, there had such amazing true manual inside the box, this manual was so amazing that you would sleep hugging it and dreaming about the game.
So why this happened?
Well, maybe because is cheaper just to put a Blu-ray and 2 printed papers in a box. However, believe me or not, there have maybe a (obvious) theory that the game industry wants you to purchase the digital game version and put an end to the physical game age. So they earn more money with direct distribution and can handle better the piracy.

And the manual content?
The manual content was inserted inside the game itself by a stupid tutorial, which the game teaches you the most obvious things possible, since the game considers you a child with mental problems that can’t press A or B to figure out “itself” what this button can do, there have this amazing tutorial that with 4 lines of small text explain that “Pressing X=attack”.

.hack series with some “tutorials”.

Now let’s talk about some true good game manuals. Have you played before Baldur’s Gate? not the enhanced edition, but the physical box version of the old Baldur’s Gate had a fugkin amazing manual that explain everything about the game in a “small book”, no, not useless thing like “Press X=attack”, I’m talking about some really useful things like: “What the fugk this magic can do?”, “What the fugk the magic Parangaricutirimícuaro can do?” every answer for your life is inside that manual. Most of the games from that time had some good manuals, also most of Playstation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo64 and other consoles from that age had games with some well made manuals. Earthbound itself had some kind of strategy guide as a manual, civilization 3 had about 200 pages of manual with some useful contents. The biggest manual ever? Maybe Flight Simulation from Microsoft, that was a true manual.


So, what is ur conclusion?
My conclusion is that maybe the time to purchase physical games and be proud to have it with a  full manual to sleep hugging it in your arms, while it emits a delicious odor of (Magic The Gathering) cards is mostly over. Digital games are the future. bye.

If you have any different opinion or wants to comment any xit, u are welcome to comment. :)


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