December 2016 was announced the pretty game called “Seasons of Heaven”, a very pretty game that used the term “Nintendo Switch Exclusive” to become highlighted in the social media. The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4 and is based on a French novel with the same name written by Nico Augusto…

Seasons of Heavena at left, and Path of Calydra at right

The plot of “Seasons of Heaven” is about a boy called “Yann”, who has Asperger syndrome. Yann and his dog Ani travel in a great adventure in a “post-apocalyptic world”. The player will be able to control both, there has no information about the release date.

Seasons of Heaven

About the “Path of Calydra”, an amazing game being developed by the company called “FinalBoss” the game doesn’t have a release date, but was announced for PC and tells a story about a boy called “Matheus”, that lives in the outskirts of a big city, but in some way he was teleported to a strange world by an entity called “Calydra” and to survive he will need to help this creature, who wants to recover its lost powers.

Path of Calydra: Probably one of the utilities of the backpack.

The game “Seasons of Heaven” looks to have some strong semblance with the indie game called Path of Calydra, which was announced in February, 2016. Some ideas related to the backpack on the boy’s back look very similar to each other.

A second point related to “Seasons of Heaven” is about the “Nintendo Switch Exclusivity”, in my humble opinion that was probably a marketing plan to spotlight in the social media, since the developers aren’t using a developer kit for Nintendo Switch and watching the videos related to the game, sorry, but, Nintendo Switch won’t run it so easily. If I’m not wrong, the most probable is the game become multiplatform in the release or post-release date.

Comparing both game’s screenshots and videos, both have some notable similarities. However, the plot and the story itself looks very different from each other. In my opinion, we yet don’t have much information about how will both game itself works, the trailers don’t tell much and it’s hard to say, but in overall the fact of both games brings some similar concepts looks just like a good coincidence since they look to be very good games.

And in case you never has heard before about Seasons of Heaven or Path of Calydra, watch the trailers below to know better about this both amazing games.

Trailer of Path of Calydra below:

Trailer of Seasons of Heaven below:

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