The Animes’s Winter Season looks pretty good this year, so let’s check out some of them bellow:

Akiba’s Trip: The Animation


The animation version of a popular game with the same name, the story is set in Akihabara (Tokyo), where have been invaded by creatures known as “Synthisters”, feasting on social energy of the peoples and the only way to defeat them are ripping their clothes off exposing they to the sunlight.

The anime looks nice to put a smile on your pretty, sad face (or don’t). 😉

Watch the trailer below:


Ao No Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen


Basically, this is the second season of the Anime Ao No Exorcist and continues the story in the True Cross Exorcist Academy, this time the shit happens in Kyoto involving a deeper and evil plot.

Watch the trailer below:


Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari


This anime is based on the smartphone JRPG game with the same name (a nice one) and tells the story about a powerful book that describes everything that happens in the world.

Since I enjoy animes with “medieval theme” I inserted it in this small list.

Watch the trailer below:




Chaos;Child is more or less the “second season” of  the anime Chaos;Head and the plot happen in the same universe (or one of the multiverse inside) the anime/game Stein;Gate. The plot is about some strange things happening in Tokyo and someone that is not the police “cares” about it. Watch the trailer below:


Tales of Zestiria The X (Second Season)


The second season of Tales of Zestiria follows up the adventure of Sorey a human who grew up among the seraphim, some kind of spiritual beings that are invisible to the normal human eyes. Sorey is on an adventure to save the world from a terrible darkness. 🙂

The first season was really nice, and if you don’t watch it because you want to play the game first, don’t do it, the anime version is way better.

Watch the second season trailer below:




From the Japanese manga series with the same name. It is about (again) a middle school boy called “Chuuta Kokonose”, who was recruited by a blue alien to some kind of Space Police, because he is special.

The manga in overall was fun, so the anime probably is too. 😉

Watch the trailer below:


Gintama 2017


A new season of Gintama. It is about a guy with “silver” hair that likes to destroy evil things.

Watch new season trailer bellow:

All the other animes that aren’t on this list are total shit, so don’t watch it. (KIDDING). Have much more other good animes in this season, but for now, I will let here just these above. Cya.

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