My name is Wyl, a software and web developer, now a Game Developer and I made this “blog” to post news related to indie “Games”, “Art/Design”, Animes and Tutorials. I intend to do a lot of tutorial related to Programing games, not only mobile device. Almost everything I post here in general will be related to “Games” and things that could help you to develop your game, or your art project, feel free to ask quest and to make comment I will do my best to help if I know and understand about. Oh and if you have a problem to understand me cause of my poor english, sorry, just ask and I will try to re-explain anything. 🙂

Later I will try draw something to put here. 🙂


4 thoughts on “About

  1. my son loves lego super mario 64 ds but were both don’t know were we can buy it from if you could help that would be good thanks

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