Top 7 Animes to Watch in this Upcoming Fall (Autumn) 2014

Hellow Guys, I created a small list of seven animes that I want to give a look in this Autumn.

This list was created based in some amazing trailer, the manga version or some amazing screenshots or because a random other reason that it called my attention and I decided that I want to give a look in a determined anime. This list represent my “taste”, but someway I believe it may help you, if you don’t have much time to spend watching animes and you want to pick one to follow-up you can give a look here bellow and Continue reading “Top 7 Animes to Watch in this Upcoming Fall (Autumn) 2014”

Good Old Games#3 – Fallout 1

Hellow! Here we are with Good Old Games Number 3, the idea of this review are destined and intended primarily for readers who have never played this game, and introduce this game, but of course, if you already played and want to remember some of that Good Old Game, you are also super welcome. 😉 Continue reading “Good Old Games#3 – Fallout 1”

Indie Mini-Review: Game Dev Story

Hello guys, I really enjoy Management/Simulator Games like Simcity, The Sims, City LD and others, and this time I will do a very simple review of the “Game dev Story” .

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Top 5 Nice Web (HTML 5) Games to Pass the Time

If you really want to get a little fun with a web game, a game good enough to you try run it in your smartphone or in your office if you aren’t busy enough, you could try one of this 5 games bellow:

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a really fun game created in 2010 by ZeptoLab, a game dev studio from Russia. Now, the game have a nice web version, if you never played before in your smartphone you could try this one. You can read more about the process itself on the official blog.


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