Artist Create Amazing Anime Kamikiri from Artworks

Hellow Guys, well first of wall if you never heard about Kamikiri, it is easily confused with Kirigami, because in both you cut papers! However in Kamikiri the artist cut an image out of a plain piece of paper, without drawing an outline. In other word, Kamikiri i紙切り means “paper silhouette cutout”. So, this way you can cast a shadow from the paper on a Continue reading “Artist Create Amazing Anime Kamikiri from Artworks”

If Super Mario 64 ‘s First Course Bob-omb Battlefield was made of Lego

The first course of Super Mario 64 and Super Marios 64 DS from Nintendo for Nintendo 64 (:3 :3 :3) The painting through which Mario can enter Bob-omb Battlefield was transformed in Lego by Pepa Quin, a Lego artist. He remade the entire course with the enemies, Continue reading “If Super Mario 64 ‘s First Course Bob-omb Battlefield was made of Lego”

Tutorial Cocos2d Create Your Simple Game – 6: Adding “Pause Game”

This time the tutorial will be really simple, we are will add a “Pause Screen” to our game. This tutorial is following the “Create Your Simple Game” tutorial, I recommend you to be following from the FIRST tutorial HERE. Or check my PREVIEW Tutorial HERE. But if you are here only for the “Pause”,  it’s okay, any problems comment. 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 9.28.36 PM

Adding a Pause Button

First of all we will need a “Pause Button“. Right click over the image bellow and “Save As” with the Continue reading “Tutorial Cocos2d Create Your Simple Game – 6: Adding “Pause Game””

The Art of Alice Madness Return


Hellow guys, this week I will post here some amazing artworks from the game Alice Madness Return, this game have a really “beautifull” and stunning art, well see some artworks bellow. Continue reading “The Art of Alice Madness Return”

All About the new Ghost in the Shell: Arise

Well guys, I usually don’t post too many about anime news here, but from now plan to start a little more.


Today, I found a lot of information or should I say “contents” that I want to share about the new Ghost in the Shell: Arise Continue reading “All About the new Ghost in the Shell: Arise”

What is Expression Sheet in a JRPG Game?

Hello Guys, well, last thing i was doing about my project was drawing the “Third” Main Character, you will understand better when the project get more advanced and I post more about my game. 🙂 And i just have one thing to say “Drawing hands is a #$%# #$%#$%#$”. And if you desire to see more tutorials by me here, I will TRY post a tutorial every Sunday and Wednesday. Design Tutorial I don’t pretend to do because I’m not good enough for this, BUT I will try to suggest some inspirations and good links if you want to “learn” or to “get inspired” for drawing or paint or designing your project.

Before I start to “talk” about Sprites…

Today I will “talk” about something important if you desire to do a game with dialogs, more commonly in a JRPG or Japanese Games in General. Even if you are doing a game with RPGMaker or something like that you will probabily need if you looks for originality is a “Expression Sheet” or also known as “Character Settei (キャラクター設定)”.

Well What is that?

Continue reading “What is Expression Sheet in a JRPG Game?”