New Trailer of Dragon Quest X for Nintendo 3DS

Hellow, if you didn’t know yet, Dragon Quest X ( ドラゴンクエスト X)is comming for Nintendo 3DS and “today” Square-Enix released a ne trailer introducing some characters of the game, the player character customization, Weapon Craft, fishing and Continue reading “New Trailer of Dragon Quest X for Nintendo 3DS”

Cross Ange, new Mecha-Anime

A New Mecha-Anime with Mecha, Dragons and Girls  by Sunrise, the folks behind Gundam, Code Geass and Valvrave, has launched the promotion:, Cross Ange. Gundam SEED director Mitsui Fukuda is creative producer on the fall series directed by First Squad’s Yoshiharu Ashino, Continue reading “Cross Ange, new Mecha-Anime”