Greenlight Game of the Week: “Fa’eL – Beyond The Gate -“

Hellow Guys, this week I want to introduce a very interesting game that I was looking on Greenlight, it is called “Fa’eL Beyond The Gate”, the first thing that called attention was the graphics, it is a platform game with 3D graphics, or better 2.75D graphics, it is really Continue reading “Greenlight Game of the Week: “Fa’eL – Beyond The Gate -“”

Good Old Games#1 – Myst

Hellow guys, well, this is not an advertisement for the gog website, but a series of posts that I’ll be doing sometimes featuring any¬†game or mod, which is old or not, but we feel some influences in new games today. I will not be doing a very complex review of the game, but the intention is to introduce these games to all players who have never heard or played before.
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