Top 5 Nice Web (HTML 5) Games to Pass the Time

If you really want to get a little fun with a web game, a game good enough to you try run it in your smartphone or in your office if you aren’t busy enough, you could try one of this 5 games bellow:

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is a really fun game created in 2010 by ZeptoLab, a game dev studio from Russia. Now, the game have a nice web version, if you never played before in your smartphone you could try this one. You can read more about the process itself on the official blog.


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So do you Like Bomberman?


Yey, I really enjoy Bomberman and in my opinion the best one was the Bomberman Online from the Dreamcast, but anyway, I made this post just to share this link to this web game: BOMBERMINE.


Yes, this is a MMO of Bomberman over HTML5, really impressive, it is really fun and run very smoothly on a brownser (for free, of course). Give a try if you have a spare time. 😉