Is The New Exclusive of Wii U “Seasons of Heaven” a copy of the indie game “Path of Calydra”?

December 2016 was announced the pretty game called “Seasons of Heaven”, a very pretty game that used the term “Nintendo Switch Exclusive” to become highlighted in the social media. The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4 and is based on a French novel with the same name written by Nico Augusto…

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Mini-Review: Gratuitous Space Battles

“Gratuitous Space Battles” is just like what the name of the game says, it is a gratuitous space battle. A space strategy game from UK indie developer Positech Games. The game doesn’t have a story, but have an incredible management/simulation system that does away with all the base building and delays, it is entire aimed at battles between spaceships with a lot of bombs, laser beams and explosions.

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Indie Mini-Review: Lone Survivor

Hello, from today, every week I will try make mini-review a indie game talking a little about random indie games that I find everywhere. 🙂

Yesterday I was playing a really nice game in the Steam. Lone Survivor. And I will start with this Game. 🙂


It is a very interesting game, with a “simple” and retro visual. This Game have  a great atmosphere of “suspense” and Continue reading “Indie Mini-Review: Lone Survivor”