The New “Mevius Final Fantasy” for Smartphones looks like… Final Fantasy

So the new upcoming Final Fantasy, a trully AAA experience RPG game coming for Smartphones Android/iOS known by the name: “Mevius Final Fantasy” is visually looking like a Final Fantasy, we don’t know how the combat system will work but looks like it will be by action-turn, like the old ones. Continue reading “The New “Mevius Final Fantasy” for Smartphones looks like… Final Fantasy”

New Trailer of the J-RPG Chaos Ring III

The Chaos Ring series looks is getting really better and this time Square-enix has released a new video of the Chaos Ring III highlighting the Cutscenes and the main theme of the game, watch bellow:

Continue reading “New Trailer of the J-RPG Chaos Ring III”

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online for iPad!

Yeaa!! I played so many times Pokemon Trading Card Game 11 years ago in my school, and soon I will be able to give a try again, but this time with virtual cards in my iPad. :3 Well in other words Nintendo confirms that Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is coming to iPad this year yet. Continue reading “Pokemon Trading Card Game Online for iPad!”

Kickstarter Game of the Week: Hard West

“A weird west tactical with world map exploration, a hint of adventure and a drop of RPG.”

In other words, Hard West is a X-COM without aliens in Far West, and this idea looks amazing enough for me to Continue reading “Kickstarter Game of the Week: Hard West”

Good News! When My Cat Fall and new Tutorials!


Hellow Guys, two news for you. the first one is:  I have published a new free game for android with the name of “When My Cat Fall” and if you have any device Android you can check it now HERE and enjoy this simple cat falling down till the Continue reading “Good News! When My Cat Fall and new Tutorials!”

New study: play games an hour a day, improve your cognition

Researchers at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have conducted new analysis into the impact of gaming on a person’s cognitive perception. The findings claim that playing just an hour a day can help you track multiple objects, stay focused and increase your spatial memory.

Science Daily reported on the research Continue reading “New study: play games an hour a day, improve your cognition”

Indie Mini-Review: Bastion

Well, This week I made a very simple mini-review of the indie game Bastion and if you never heard before, read bellow. 😉

So, for this review let’s start with a little of story about the game: Continue reading “Indie Mini-Review: Bastion”

Tutorial Cocos2d Create Your Simple Game – 6: Adding “Pause Game”

This time the tutorial will be really simple, we are will add a “Pause Screen” to our game. This tutorial is following the “Create Your Simple Game” tutorial, I recommend you to be following from the FIRST tutorial HERE. Or check my PREVIEW Tutorial HERE. But if you are here only for the “Pause”,  it’s okay, any problems comment. 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 9.28.36 PM

Adding a Pause Button

First of all we will need a “Pause Button“. Right click over the image bellow and “Save As” with the Continue reading “Tutorial Cocos2d Create Your Simple Game – 6: Adding “Pause Game””

Introducing Darkwood

Darkwood looks to be a really interesting Survival Horror, the game have a very simple gameplay, the camera from the top, well see better on the pre-Alpha Teaser released by “Acid Wizard studio” bellow. 😉

Billed as a “top-down, oldschool survival horror set in a procedurally generated open world, with RPG and roguelike elements,” where players must explore the dark forest surrounding their cabin and defend against the terrors of the night, Darkwood sounds like a project to follow. As the trailer shows, Acid Wizard certainly knows how to do atmosphere, and the gameplay itself strikes me as a top-down mix between Project Zomboid and Alan Wake. A great first impression, to be sure, and I’ll certainly be keeping tabs on this project as it goes forward.