First Persona 5 Trailer (TGS 2014)

Finally a new Persona 5 trailer. The trailer is yet so vague and almost don’t tell us many thing, but is good to see something about Persona 5.

The trailer introduces (probably) the new protagonist, a high-schooler experiencing a transis frozen time momentum and… well watch yourself bellow. 😉

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The Art of Persona 3

Hello guys, (almost) every week I will try bring a post with the title “The Art of” and this week is the art of the Game Persona 3, a famous JRPG really fun from the Shin Megami Tensei Series, the art was made by Shigenori Soejima (副島 成記), one of my favorite Manga Artists.

Soejima 015

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What is Expression Sheet in a JRPG Game?

Hello Guys, well, last thing i was doing about my project was drawing the “Third” Main Character, you will understand better when the project get more advanced and I post more about my game. 🙂 And i just have one thing to say “Drawing hands is a #$%# #$%#$%#$”. And if you desire to see more tutorials by me here, I will TRY post a tutorial every Sunday and Wednesday. Design Tutorial I don’t pretend to do because I’m not good enough for this, BUT I will try to suggest some inspirations and good links if you want to “learn” or to “get inspired” for drawing or paint or designing your project.

Before I start to “talk” about Sprites…

Today I will “talk” about something important if you desire to do a game with dialogs, more commonly in a JRPG or Japanese Games in General. Even if you are doing a game with RPGMaker or something like that you will probabily need if you looks for originality is a “Expression Sheet” or also known as “Character Settei (キャラクター設定)”.

Well What is that?

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