The Old Game from NES “Shadowgate” Remake is now on Steam!!

A fabulous old game called “Shadowgate” released for the first time in 1987, a point-and-click adventure, originally was made for Apple Macintosh and so it was also ported to others computers and videogames. 1989 Continue reading “The Old Game from NES “Shadowgate” Remake is now on Steam!!”

Greenlight Game of the Week: “Fa’eL – Beyond The Gate -“

Hellow Guys, this week I want to introduce a very interesting game that I was looking on Greenlight, it is called “Fa’eL Beyond The Gate”, the first thing that called attention was the graphics, it is a platform game with 3D graphics, or better 2.75D graphics, it is really Continue reading “Greenlight Game of the Week: “Fa’eL – Beyond The Gate -“”

So do you Like Bomberman?


Yey, I really enjoy Bomberman and in my opinion the best one was the Bomberman Online from the Dreamcast, but anyway, I made this post just to share this link to this web game: BOMBERMINE.


Yes, this is a MMO of Bomberman over HTML5, really impressive, it is really fun and run very smoothly on a brownser (for free, of course). Give a try if you have a spare time. 😉