Why Madoka’s fans disappointed with MagiReco?

If you’ve been excited about MagiReco since it was announced, but after watching all 13 episodes you were surprised the fact that you didn’t like it so much, definitely you aren’t alone. Despite being very popular, there’re a many Madoka’s fans who didn’t like the new spin-off, and the question is “what was the problem with Magia Record” Continue reading “Why Madoka’s fans disappointed with MagiReco?”

True-Review: So that is the result of Final Fantasy XV… (No Spoilers)

Let’s skip the introduction and avoid the gibberish about the game was in development for 10 years and more… Final Fantasy XV is a good game, an “MMORPG”, which you play alone with a lot of things to do and with a nice customizable car to drive like a train on many rails. Continue reading “True-Review: So that is the result of Final Fantasy XV… (No Spoilers)”

True-Review: Uncharted 4 is not so good like I thought it was :/

Of course Uncharted 4 is an amazing game, with fantastic graphics and much more, but it “lacks” something that makes the game just between “good” and “not so good”. Continue reading “True-Review: Uncharted 4 is not so good like I thought it was :/”

Good Old Games#2 – Ultima Online: “Second Age”

Hellow guys, following my series “Good Old Game#MagicNumberHere”. And if you want, you can read the Good Old Games#1 HERE!

Today I will “talk” about a really amazing game that consumed a lot of time of my life. :3 And probably the BEST (or maybe the second BEST) MMORPG ever released in the Humanity Story. Continue reading “Good Old Games#2 – Ultima Online: “Second Age””

Mini-Review: Gratuitous Space Battles

“Gratuitous Space Battles” is just like what the name of the game says, it is a gratuitous space battle. A space strategy game from UK indie developer Positech Games. The game doesn’t have a story, but have an incredible management/simulation system that does away with all the base building and delays, it is entire aimed at battles between spaceships with a lot of bombs, laser beams and explosions.

Continue reading “Mini-Review: Gratuitous Space Battles”

Good Old Games#1 – Myst

Hellow guys, well, this is not an advertisement for the gog website, but a series of posts that I’ll be doing sometimes featuring any game or mod, which is old or not, but we feel some influences in new games today. I will not be doing a very complex review of the game, but the intention is to introduce these games to all players who have never heard or played before.
Continue reading “Good Old Games#1 – Myst”

Mini-Review: To The Moon The Best Story EVAH!

Rellow Guys, today I will mini-review a really amazing “Game” or an “Interactive Story” if you prefer. “To The Moon”.

First I must say this game has an amazing, deep, Continue reading “Mini-Review: To The Moon The Best Story EVAH!”

Ultimate Review: Bioshock: Infinity


Good morning people. Today I made a very simple Bioshock Infinity Review. 🙂
note: This review HAS NO SPOILER, so because of this many reasons related to positive or negative points of the game may be omitted, OH and SORRY for my english.

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Indie Mini-Review: Bastion

Well, This week I made a very simple mini-review of the indie game Bastion and if you never heard before, read bellow. 😉


So, for this review let’s start with a little of story about the game: Continue reading “Indie Mini-Review: Bastion”

Indie Mini-Review: Cave Story

Today I bring a review froma really amazing Game in my opinion, well let’s begin with some history first. 🙂

Cave Story


Cave Story (洞窟物語 Dōkutsu Monogatari?) is a freeware Continue reading “Indie Mini-Review: Cave Story”

Indie Mini-Review: FTL: Faster Than Light

The Mini-Review this week is FTL: Faster Than Light, if you never heard before, I recommend you read bellow. 🙂

Faster Than Light

FTL: Faster Than Light is an amazing real-time strategy indie game. The player controls the crew of a single spacecraft that must deliver a critical information to an alien fleet several sectors away while being pursued by Continue reading “Indie Mini-Review: FTL: Faster Than Light”

Indie Mini-Review: Lone Survivor

Hello, from today, every week I will try make mini-review a indie game talking a little about random indie games that I find everywhere. 🙂

Yesterday I was playing a really nice game in the Steam. Lone Survivor. And I will start with this Game. 🙂


It is a very interesting game, with a “simple” and retro visual. This Game have  a great atmosphere of “suspense” and Continue reading “Indie Mini-Review: Lone Survivor”