The New “Mevius Final Fantasy” for Smartphones looks like… Final Fantasy

So the new upcoming Final Fantasy, a trully AAA experience RPG game coming for Smartphones Android/iOS known by the name: “Mevius Final Fantasy” is visually looking like a Final Fantasy, we don’t know how the combat system will work but looks like it will be by action-turn, like the old ones. Continue reading “The New “Mevius Final Fantasy” for Smartphones looks like… Final Fantasy”

Good Old Games#3 – Fallout 1

Hellow! Here we are with Good Old Games Number 3, the idea of this review are destined and intended primarily for readers who have never played this game, and introduce this game, but of course, if you already played and want to remember some of that Good Old Game, you are also super welcome. 😉 Continue reading “Good Old Games#3 – Fallout 1”

New Sega JRPG: “The World End Eclipse” for PS Vita, PC and Smartphones”

Famitsu has revealed this week the new JRPG developed by Sega “The World End Eclipse” ワールド エンド エクリプス, a new free-to-play “online theater RPG” and it is coming this winter in Japan for PS Vita Smartphones and PC. And if you didn’t get used to online and no table-console games coming from Japan, is better get used to. :/ Continue reading “New Sega JRPG: “The World End Eclipse” for PS Vita, PC and Smartphones””

J-RPG Dungeon Crawler “Mind Zero” Joins in Steam Greenlight! Vote Now! ;)

The Dungeon Craw J-RPG “MindZero”, MIND≒0 orマインド/ゼロ was an exclusive game of the Playstation Vita and now is on Steam Greenlight localized to Occident in English by Aksys. he game was first announced in March 2013 in an issue of Famitsu, developed by Acquire and Class of Heroes developer.  Continue reading “J-RPG Dungeon Crawler “Mind Zero” Joins in Steam Greenlight! Vote Now! ;)”

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition is coming

Now that Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition is ready, the next aim of the Trent Ostem Team at Beamdog is the game Icewind Dale.

Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition will be released later of this year to iOS, Android and PC for Continue reading “Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition is coming”

Kickstarter Game of the Week: Uncrowned Skies

Hellow Guys, the “Kickstarter Game of the Week” this week is “Uncrowned Skies“, the game looks very interesting in story concept, in the universe and the gameplay itself.

Continue reading “Kickstarter Game of the Week: Uncrowned Skies”

The Steam Free Game “Famaze” looks pretty fun. :)

One more free game available on Steam, this time is a game called “Famaze”, it is a Retro game with a 16 bits age visuals.

Famaze is a Continue reading “The Steam Free Game “Famaze” looks pretty fun. :)”

Good Old Games#2 – Ultima Online: “Second Age”

Hellow guys, following my series “Good Old Game#MagicNumberHere”. And if you want, you can read the Good Old Games#1 HERE!

Today I will “talk” about a really amazing game that consumed a lot of time of my life. :3 And probably the BEST (or maybe the second BEST) MMORPG ever released in the Humanity Story. Continue reading “Good Old Games#2 – Ultima Online: “Second Age””

The Old Game from NES “Shadowgate” Remake is now on Steam!!

A fabulous old game called “Shadowgate” released for the first time in 1987, a point-and-click adventure, originally was made for Apple Macintosh and so it was also ported to others computers and videogames. 1989 Continue reading “The Old Game from NES “Shadowgate” Remake is now on Steam!!”

Mini-Review: To The Moon The Best Story EVAH!

Rellow Guys, today I will mini-review a really amazing “Game” or an “Interactive Story” if you prefer. “To The Moon”.

First I must say this game has an amazing, deep, Continue reading “Mini-Review: To The Moon The Best Story EVAH!”

Introducing Darkwood

Darkwood looks to be a really interesting Survival Horror, the game have a very simple gameplay, the camera from the top, well see better on the pre-Alpha Teaser released by “Acid Wizard studio” bellow. 😉

Billed as a “top-down, oldschool survival horror set in a procedurally generated open world, with RPG and roguelike elements,” where players must explore the dark forest surrounding their cabin and defend against the terrors of the night, Darkwood sounds like a project to follow. As the trailer shows, Acid Wizard certainly knows how to do atmosphere, and the gameplay itself strikes me as a top-down mix between Project Zomboid and Alan Wake. A great first impression, to be sure, and I’ll certainly be keeping tabs on this project as it goes forward.