Outlast 2 is Already in Devlopment and is Simultaneously Coming On PS4, XBox One and PC

If you enjoy a good terror/survivor game or If you enjoyed the first version of the Indie Survivor Horror game Outlast and you are eager to see what is coming next. Red Barrels CEO, Phillippe Morin said to “bloody-disgusting.com”, “Outlast #1 Continue reading “Outlast 2 is Already in Devlopment and is Simultaneously Coming On PS4, XBox One and PC”

Introducing Darkwood

Darkwood looks to be a really interesting Survival Horror, the game have a very simple gameplay, the camera from the top, well see better on the pre-Alpha Teaser released by “Acid Wizard studio” bellow. 😉

Billed as a “top-down, oldschool survival horror set in a procedurally generated open world, with RPG and roguelike elements,” where players must explore the dark forest surrounding their cabin and defend against the terrors of the night, Darkwood sounds like a project to follow. As the trailer shows, Acid Wizard certainly knows how to do atmosphere, and the gameplay itself strikes me as a top-down mix between Project Zomboid and Alan Wake. A great first impression, to be sure, and I’ll certainly be keeping tabs on this project as it goes forward.

Indie Mini-Review: Lone Survivor

Hello, from today, every week I will try make mini-review a indie game talking a little about random indie games that I find everywhere. 🙂

Yesterday I was playing a really nice game in the Steam. Lone Survivor. And I will start with this Game. 🙂


It is a very interesting game, with a “simple” and retro visual. This Game have  a great atmosphere of “suspense” and Continue reading “Indie Mini-Review: Lone Survivor”